How Much Does An Occlusal Splint Cost?

How Much Does An Occlusal Splint Cost?


Occlusal splint, commonly referred to as bite splint or night guard, stands as a versatile dental appliance with multifaceted uses. This in-depth exploration aims to elucidate the diverse applications of occlusal splint dental appliances while delving into the factors that intricately influence their costs.

What are Occlusal splints?:

Occlusal splints, commonly known as bite splints or night guards, are dental appliances designed to address various oral health issues. These custom-fitted devices are typically made of durable materials like acrylic and are worn over the teeth to serve multiple purposes.

Customised to fit an individual’s unique dental structure, occlusal splints are crafted by dental professionals after thorough assessments. These devices contribute significantly to oral health by addressing specific issues and promoting a more comfortable and functional bite.

Uses of Occlusal splints:

  • TMJ Disorder Management:

Occlusal splints find prominent application in addressing temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders. The cushioning effect they provide helps mitigate symptoms like jaw pain, headaches, and chewing difficulties. By reducing strain on the TMJ, these splints play a pivotal role in alleviating associated discomfort.

  • Bruxism Control:

Bruxism is a major and commonly occurring problem in which the person clenches or grinds their teeth, especially during sleep. This problem can be tackled with the help of an occlusal splint. By wearing a splint, a kind of protective barrier is created which can prevent any kind of damage to the teeth due to constant grinding. This can thus reduce the chance of wear and tear, fractures, sensitivity, and more. 

  • Prevention of Dental Damage:

An Occlusal splint can serve as an effective tool to create a protective layer for your teeth which in turn can save them from excessive issues, wear and tear, and more. It is a good practice to have an occlusal splint if you have the habit of clenching your teeth at night during sleep. 

Factors Influencing Occlusal splint Costs:

Occlusal splint cost in Australia changes according to a variety of factors, some of these factors are covered in this section so that patients can get a rough idea to create a budget for their splints. 

1. Dental Consultation Fees:

To get an occlusal splint a patient needs to consult with a good dental expert. During the visit to the expert, the professional will go through the oral cavity of the patient, trying to understand its condition, the overall oral health of the patient, and whether an occlusal splint is necessary or not. The cost of initial consultation with a dental expert varies significantly based on the location of the clinic, the experience of the professional, and other similar aspects so choose wisely. 

2. Diagnostic Procedures:

Once the initial consultation for an occlusal splint is done, the professional may run a few tests and perform certain diagnostic procedures including creating dental impressions, running X-rays and more. These procedures are quite important as they ensure that the splint is created according to the dental structure of the patient so that they don’t feel any kind of problems or discomfort while wearing them. 

3. Splint Manufacturing Costs:

Splints can be manufactured using many different materials and each material has a different price range. The costs of manufacturing a splint along with materials, also include laboratory fees, and the charges charged by the dental technician. 

4. Dental Professional’s Fees:

Once the splints are made, the patient may need to pay some recurring charges for adjustments, fitting appointments, follow-ups, and more. These charges change from expert to expert. 

5. Location and Clinic Reputation:

The place where the clinic is located and the reputation, expertise, and specialisation of the dental clinic play a major role in deciding the overall charges required to get an occlusal splint. Well-known clinics are bound to charge more for your splints.

6. Additional Fees:

While not a common aspect, a patient may have to pay some additional amount while getting splints in special cases. This includes any unforeseen issues, emergencies, extra procedures, and more. 

7. Health Insurance Coverage:

If your dental treatment is covered under your health insurance then you can end up saving a lot of money in general. Consult various experts and professionals to understand whether getting splints can be added to your health insurance coverage or not.


An occlusal splint is a life-saver for many individuals who often ruin the health of their teeth due to problems such as TMJ disorders and bruxism. Consult with good professionals and experts in the field of dentistry to understand the necessity of an occlusal splint and whether you need one or not. You can always find a good dental clinic around you by googling terms such as ‘occlusal splint around me’ or ‘Occlusal splint cost Australia’. 

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