Implant supported complete and partial dentures

Implant Supported Complete and Partial Dentures

Implant-supported dentures are one of the best options when you’re looking to fill gaps in your teeth. If dentures with adhesives are not enough, but the cost of full-arch dental implants seems prohibitive, implant-supported dentures are your go-to. At Quick Denture Repair, we aim to provide our customers with complete information about our services so they can make an empowered decision.

What are implant-supported dentures?

An implant-supported denture is an overdenture that can replace multiple teeth at once. If you’ve lost several teeth in your upper or lower jaw, your dentist may suggest getting two implants for support. Unlike traditional dentures, which are attached to your gums, implant-supported dentures are affixed to the jawbone, providing greater comfort and stability. The denture snaps onto the dental implants, securing them in place, allowing you to smile, talk and eat with ease. Candidates for implant-supported dentures must meet certain medical conditions with respect to bone density and gum health. At Quick Denture Repair, our staff will take you through these requirements carefully to ensure that you get the best guidance for this procedure.

What are implant-supported partial dentures?

Overdentures and fixed prostheses are designed to restore the health and appearance of individuals who may be missing teeth. Removable implant-supported partial dentures are also recommended as a treatment modality to treat patients with various conditions such as gum disease or bone loss. Since they have the ability to restore a natural appearance to the mouth, they offer various advantages, such as improved physical and psychological health.

What kind of aftercare do dentures need?

Dentures should be cared for in the same way that natural teeth would be cared for. To maintain proper care, brush your dentures twice a day, floss regularly and avoid staining the dentures. If your dentures are removable, place them in a glass of water at night to prevent any damage from dryness. Keeping your implant-supported dentures clean and free of food particles will prolong their life and your smile!

What are the main benefits of implant-supported dentures?

occlusal splint dental

An occlusal splint, also known as a night guard, is a custom-made dental device typically made of acrylic that fits over the upper or lower teeth. It’s primarily used to address issues like bruxism (teeth grinding or clenching), temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, or to protect teeth from excessive wear due to grinding.

This dental appliance aims to alleviate symptoms associated with these conditions by creating a barrier between the upper and lower teeth, preventing them from making direct contact during sleep or times of teeth clenching. The splint helps to redistribute the forces of biting and grinding, reducing strain on the jaw muscles and minimizing dental damage caused by bruxism.

Dentists and dental specialists customize occlusal splints to fit an individual’s mouth precisely, providing comfort and effectiveness in managing bruxism-related symptoms or TMJ disorders. Regular consultations with a dental professional are essential to ensure the splint’s proper fit and effectiveness in addressing specific dental concerns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Quick Denture Repair Perth has a motto of delivering to you the best quality dentures within the same day of your appointment. We provide home-delivery for residents of Perth.

Good quality dentures should last you at least 5-10 years without any hassle. We make sure you can make the most out of your dentures without any breakage or cracking.

Good quality dentures last for a very long time and provide realistic results. They can cost anywhere from $1000-$5000. While cheaper options are available, the best quality dentures prove to be cost-effective in the long run.

It depends on the unique condition of your dentures. We run a thorough oral-test and denture check before repairing or prescribing any denture to you. All of our dentures our custom-made to cater to you individual needs.

For people playing contact-sport and high-risk stunts, custom made sports mouthguards can prevent tooth-fractures, mouth-bruising and neck fractures. It is indeed a worthwhile investment.

It is advisable to remove removable partial dentures before going to sleep. Permanent dentures should be brushed well to keep your mouth healthy and free of cavity causing bacteria.

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