What is the best way to temporarily fix broken dentures?

What is the best way to temporarily fix broken dentures?

DIY techniques are popular right now. Emergency denture repairs, on the other hand, are one example of a do-it-yourself remedy that is hotly contested. Is having your dentures fixed by a dentist preferable to having them fixed yourself? It may be easy to fix a damaged denture in some cases. However, it will depend on how bad the break is, what kind of dentures you have, and how long you’re expecting the restoration to last.

It’s important to get your dentures mended as quickly as possible if they break. They are simply that we frequently take for granted. But when you lose them, it can be really crippling. You can be sure that Quick Denture Repair is aware of this. While repairing your dentures yourself can be beneficial, there is also a chance that you’ll end up having to substitute them entirely if you damage them too much. Contact our branch for denture repair in Perth and we’ll take care of them as soon as we can if you’re worried that you aren’t going to be able to fix them yourself.

Reasons for Broken Dentures

Your dentures may break for a variety of reasons, with ordinary damage just a few of them. Despite their durability, dentures are subjected to a lot of pressure throughout the span of their life because of the constant chewing, crushing, and pulling that they endure over the period of a single day, over the course of a week, for months. Therefore, as your dentures age, they become more vulnerable to cracking and dislocating, which may end in infections, dissatisfaction and various other oral health problems. The most frequent causes of damaged dentures include eating hard meals, thermal decay (the effects of hot and cold substances on your dentures), and ingesting acidic foods and beverages.

How to Prevent Denture Breakage

The biggest problems with your dentures, as previously stated, are the passage of time and daily stress. Therefore, performing proper treatment of your dentures and maintaining a regular dental hygiene habit are your best bets for avoiding broken dentures. This entails completely washing them after disposal, immersing them into a container of restorative materials-cleaning solution during the night, and scrubbing and brushing your dentures on a regular schedule in a full bowl of water.

Things to Remember Before Emergency Denture Repairs

It’s necessary to seriously be aware of the hazards before considering doing-it-yourself denture repair. If you’re not careful, you may put some really harmful things in your mouth. Some glues may contain dangerous chemicals or even fail to hold things together for very long. Furthermore, it’s entirely possible to further harm your dentures.

Consider both the benefits and drawbacks before deciding whether to restore your dentures. whereas we aren’t trying to put you off from attempting to fix your dentures yourself, putting a little more time and thought into it will help you strike a balance between your requirements and the long-lasting efficacy of your dentures.

Short-term Solution: Denture Repair Kit

An occasional little break, fracture, or rupture will occur with a denture. Usually, you are able to put the parts together again by yourself in these situations. However, it’s crucial to have your dentist review these types of fixes. It’s crucial that you divide your dental repairs into two categories: immediate treatments and long-term remedies. These quick remedies aren’t always a negative thing. They may be useful for temporarily holding your dentures together. We refer to them as short-term solutions since they nearly invariably result in future problems.

Super glue can work as a short-term patch for a cracked denture in an actual emergency. It can keep your dentures in place for many days. Before putting your dentures back on, make sure the glue has had ample time to dry completely.  You will taste chemicals if the superglue does not entirely dry up, and superglue has certain hazardous properties. 

Long-term Fix: Professional Clinic

Your damaged dentures may occasionally be repaired at home. However, it’s crucial to understand when to approach professional help. Another factor contributing to choosing professional help to repair damaged dentures is denture fitting, which needs to be done properly and methodically. Your denture is no more a great fit for your mouth after it fractures. Therefore, even after you resolve it with adhesive or another type of fix, it will not fit as perfectly as it did before. A bad fit can cause annoyance, ongoing pain, and aggressive denture movement. A misaligned denture will result in an erroneous bit. This can result in more harm to the damaged denture and your gums in the future. The good news is that in Quick Denture Repair in Perth, we have the expertise, equipment, and training necessary at our locations to completely repair your damaged dentures.

Make an urgent visit with your dentist as soon as possible. Even if you might be able to find a fast cure, it’s important that you have your dentures examined and fixed as soon as you can. You cannot take a chance mending your dentures yourself since they are too crucial. Tell the dentist about your condition and specify what portion of your denture is damaged. Any of the teeth that make up the denture may be loose or broken, or the pink acrylic foundation may have fractured. The majority of dentists allocate time each day to handle dental emergencies. Even if it’s not a true emergency, if you depend on your dentures to talk and eat, they will appreciate the urgency with which you need to get them corrected. 

For ease of mind, it remains better to see your dentist about your denture issue. 

Why Quick Denture Repair?

Quick Denture Repair’s goal is to provide you with the best denture experience possible at the most affordable price. Thanks to our effective and quick service, you won’t have to deal with the inconvenience and embarrassment of leaving the house without your dentures. Thanks to our specialized services, you can function with our dentures as best you can in your daily activities. For a comfortable denture experience, make an appointment. Among the various services we provide are customized sports mouthguards, occlusal splints, implant-supported dentures, same-day denture repairs, and quick dentures.

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