Top Five Tips for Caring for Your Dentures

Top Five Tips for Caring for Your Dentures

Dentures are like a boon to people who have lost most of their teeth, but maintaining them is essential especially if you would like to increase their life. While these dental devices are quite strong, they are also highly susceptible to damage. If you have dentures, you can increase their lifespan for years to come. Maintaining dentures properly will help to prevent damage as well as fungal infection. Here are a few denture maintenance tips that are crucial to keeping safe. Yet, if you do get into some accidents with your dentures, you can always look for quick denture repair or emergency denture repair options that can help you save a few dollars. Let us now move to the tips


  1. Keeping Them Moist

The importance of keeping dentures moist cannot be stressed enough. If the dentures are not kept moist, they may dry out causing them to lose their shape. You can use water or denture cleansers for soaking at night- here it is important to note that you must soak the dentures in your desired solution every night without fail.

The base material of dentures is generally made from polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA)- a compound that is stable in different temperatures and is also highly resistant to wear and tear. PMMA dentures are less likely to break as compared to polyamide. As mentioned earlier, PMMa and other dentures lose their shape and become warped if they dry out. If the dentures lose their moisture and their original shape, there is not much you can do except get them replaced. 

  1. Denture Seal

It is crucial to use proper adhesive to connect the dentures to your gum otherwise it will lead to a weak seal and gaps. Small bits of food and other foreign substances can get stuck in the gaps leading to bad breath as well as wear and tear of dentures. Using proper sealant also helps in the production of saliva which generally gets affected with the use of dentures. Many denture adhesives also come with antibacterial qualities that can do wonders for the quality of breath. 

  1. Oral Health

To ensure proper health and ‘connection’ of dentures, it is necessary to take proper care of your oral health. Teeth are just one part of your overall oral health- losing them does not mean that you can forgo regular cleaning and washing. This includes bushing gums with a soft-bristled toothbrush and cleaning your tongue to remove plaque and germs. If you have some natural teeth left, do brush and floss them regularly otherwise you may run the risk of developing an infection and losing whatever teeth you are left with. 

  1. Regular Visits to Dentists

To ensure the proper shape of your dentures and overall oral health, it is necessary to visit your dentist from time to time. The dentist can inspect issues with your oral tissues and dentures. People with dentures run an increased risk for gum diseases. Dentists can also check your overall oral health and the signs of oral cancer.

  1. Cleaning Dentures
  • Cleaning of dentures is essential for the good health of dentures and your mouth. Use a soft brush to brush them regularly and avoid using a brush with hard bristles. Brush the dentures every day gently to remove food particles, bacteria, and other gunk. 
  • Dentures should also be cleaned regularly with fresh water to remove loose pieces and food particles. Some people also prefer to use mild dishwashing liquids to clean their dentures to clean germs and other harmful stuff. Only do this when you are not wearing the device!
  •  Warm water is another way to clean your dentures, especially after consuming food or liquids. Rinse your mouth, allowing water to reach every corner, nook, and cranny. If food gets stuck, it will begin to decompose which will not only lead to bad breath but can also be harmful to your denture. Proper cleaning of dentures will also prevent staining making your dentures look shiny and bright. 
  • While warm water is recommended for cleaning, do not soak the dentures in extremely hot water as hot temperatures may ruin them forever. 
  • Do not use harsh chemicals and toothpaste to clean dentures. 
  • Another way to clean dentures is through an ultrasonic cleaner that uses sound waves to clean the dentures. In this, the dentures are soaked in a cleaning liquid while sound waves are released to enhance the cleaning. While a good option to ensure proper cleaning, ultrasonic cleaners should not be used as a replacement for brushing and regular maintenance of dentures. 

Things to Keep in Mind: 

Here are a few things that you must remember to keep your dentures in pristine condition.

Do not wear dentures to bed.

While dentures are durable and strong, they still need time off. Similarly, your mouth too needs a break from wearing them all the time. This is why you must remove dentures before going to bed so that your tissues may relax. Make it a bedtime routine to remove the dentures, clean them, and soak them in denture cleaner or water to provide unnecessary wear and tear and germs. 

No Hot Water

Do not allow dentures to get exposed to temperatures warmer than room temperature. Extreme temperatures can warp or misshapen your dentures permanently. While dentures are often designed properly, they are not meant to withstand mishandling and abuse. If you drop the dentures from a certain height, they are sure to break.

It is recommended to always handle dentures over a bucket or sink full of water. You may also use a folded towel to protect the dentures from impact if they do slip from your hands. 

Be Careful When Adding Denture Adhesives

As noted above, denture adhesives form a tight grip that serves as a barrier between the gums and the pressure of the dentures. Such adhesives are essential for lower dentures. You will be tempted to apply an abundance of adhesive with the hope of maintaining a tight grip. However, adding excess denture adhesive will not improve the fit. If you have concerns about the fit of your dentures, contact our dentist for assistance.


If you wear dentures, you must take proper care of them as well as your general oral health. This way your dentures will last long. Dentures are a great and reliable way to restore the aesthetics of your smile and the function of your teeth. It does not matter why you wear dentures, all reasons are valid, but if you fail to take care of them, they will cease to benefit you pretty soon. 

Caring for dentures is easy and can help your dentures last for a long time. But, dentures don’t last forever, and sometimes you must get them repaired or relined. There are many Denture Repair Perth options to choose from that can make your dentures like new. Quick Dentures can help you out with many different problems associated with dentures. 

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