How To Repair Broken Dentures?

How To Repair Broken Dentures?


Dentures have been serving as a boon to all the people who have lost a few or all of their natural teeth, providing not only restored functionality of the oral cavity but also boosting confidence and self-image through regained smile and visual aesthetics. This is why broken dentures are considered to be such a catastrophic thing for people who use them regularly but don’t worry, there are many different broken denture repair methods which can save you from the discomfort and inconvenience quickly and efficiently. You can always find good clinics and services that can repair your dentures by googling ‘denture repair near me’, but before you do that, go through this blog to understand the various methods of repair and options you have if your dentures broke recently. 

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are removable oral prosthetics designed to replace missing teeth and surrounding tissues. Crafted from materials like acrylic, porcelain, or metal, dentures come in various types, including full dentures for complete tooth loss or partial dentures for specific missing teeth. Customised to fit an individual’s mouth, dentures restore oral function, improve aesthetics, and support facial structure. Regular care and adjustments by dental professionals ensure optimal comfort and functionality.

Common Issues with Broken Dentures:

Broken or Chipped Denture Teeth:

Chipped or broken teeth are a common problem associated with dentures which generally occurs due to accidental impact or trauma. This may also happen due to biting into very hard food items such as rock candy. This problem is generally solved quickly by either using bonding agents on the broken teeth or replacing them completely. 

Fractured or Cracked Denture Base:

This is another problem that may happen due to accidental impact, trauma, dropping of dentures, or biting into hard substances such as sugar candies. In this, the base of the denture on which teeth are installed gets broken. To repair this, the expert may use special resin or adhesive and reattach all the broken pieces together for seamless and new-like dentures.

Warped or Bent Dentures:

One of the biggest foes of dentures is heat which can ruin the shape and structure of the dentures permanently. It is always necessary to store the dentures properly and away from heat. Never expose dentures to heat in any form including drinking or gargling with very hot water. To repair warped dentures, experts have to perform relining services or high-quality adjustments which may even involve adding new layers to the base of the dentures. 

Maintaining Dentures:

While finding denture repair services can be as easy as googling ‘emergency denture repair near me’ it is still better to keep your dentures in perfect shape and health by cleaning and maintaining them properly. Some tips that can help you with maintaining your dentures include:

  • Frequent Check-Ups: Visit your dentist as well as dental technicians regularly for frequent check-ups as they can diagnose any issues or problems with your dentures or your oral health quickly and in a timely fashion to avoid major issues later. 
  • Follow Guidelines: Always follow the guidelines of storage and care as given by your dental technician to maintain the health and longevity of your dentures. Proper maintenance of dentures can help you prevent going for constant and frequent repairs which are not just expensive but also often detrimental to the health of your dentures.

Ways to Repair Broken Dentures:

No one likes broken dentures but if you do run into such a problem, there are a few ways in which broken dentures can be repaired. Broken denture repair methods can be both- including emergency denture repair as well as more extensive and comprehensive repair methods.

Professional Denture Repair Services: Opting for Experts

If you are looking for the best, most effective, efficient, and comprehensive denture repair options, then look no further than going to a professional who not only understands the composition of dentures but also knows how to resolve all kinds of issues and problems that your dentures might have. Thanks to the thorough understanding of dentures that these experts possess, you will end up with dentures that will be durable and sturdy for a long time. 

Denture Repair Kits for Minor Problems

While it is always recommended to go to a professional denture repair expert as soon as you can, sometimes they are not available or accessible with ease. If this happens and you have broken dentures, try to get an OTC denture repair kit that can fix your dentures temporarily. This can prevent further damage until you can visit a professional. 

Need for New Denture: The Case of Irreparable Damage

Repairing and restoring dentures with the help of professionals is possible in most cases, but sometimes, you may have a situation where your dentures are beyond the scope of repair. In such cases, visit a professional who will help you replace the dentures quickly. 


Remember, if you end up breaking or damaging your dentures, it is not always the end for them. You can always salvage your broken dentures by visiting good and efficient denture repair services such as Quick Denture Repair in Perth. Quick Dentures offers various denture repair options in Perth, along with various other dental devices that can help you restore the functionality of the oral cavity and its beauty in no time. 

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