What are implant retained dentures?

What are implant retained dentures?


In the dental landscape, the quest for innovative solutions to address tooth loss has given rise to implant-retained dentures, a revolutionary blend of dental implant stability and traditional denture convenience. This advanced option is gaining traction in Australia, where oral health is paramount, offering a secure and natural-feeling solution for individuals coping with partial or complete tooth loss. 

This comprehensive guide delves into the intricacies of implant-retained dentures, covering their definition, advantages, procedural journey, and significance in the Australian dental context. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore what implant-retained dentures are, their benefits, the process involved, and their relevance in the Australian dental landscape.

Defining Implant-Retained Dentures:

Implant-retained dentures, also known as implant-supported dentures, represent a groundbreaking solution for individuals seeking enhanced stability and functionality in their tooth replacement options. Unlike traditional dentures that rely solely on adhesives or suction for support, implanted dentures are anchored securely to dental implants surgically placed in the jawbone. This process of anchoring implants and dentures results in restoring a more stable and natural feeling. 

However,  this option might not be suitable for you if you are looking for affordable implants and dentures as they tend to be more expensive than regular implants, but they last long and are a lot better than regular ones, making them cost-efficient in the long run.

The Process of Getting Implant-Retained Dentures:

1. Initial Consultation:

The journey towards implant-retained dentures begins with an initial consultation with a qualified dental professional. This assessment evaluates the patient’s oral health, bone structure, and overall suitability for dental implants. This step is crucial to determine if the patient is a candidate for implanted dentures. 

2. Treatment Planning and Imaging:

Following the initial consultation, the dentist develops a personalised treatment plan. Advanced imaging techniques, such as 3D cone beam scans, may be employed to assess the jawbone’s density and identify optimal implant placement locations. This meticulous planning ensures the success and longevity of the implant-retained dentures.

3. Implant Placement :

In the next step, dental implants are installed in the jawbone using surgical methods. This procedure is typically performed under local anaesthesia, ensuring the patient’s comfort throughout. The number of implants required depends on factors like the patient’s bone density and the type of dentures to be supported. The implants serve as sturdy anchors, mimicking the function of natural tooth roots.

4. Healing and Osseointegration:

Following implant placement, a healing period ensues, allowing the implants to integrate with the surrounding bone through a process called osseointegration. This critical phase ensures the stability and strength of the implants. The duration of the healing period can vary, but it commonly spans several months.

5. Abutment Placement and Denture Attachment:

After the osseointegration process is complete, the next step is to attach the abutments or the connector pieces. These pieces are attached to the implants. These abutments serve as the connection point between the implants and the dentures. Customised dentures, crafted to match the patient’s oral aesthetics, are then securely attached to the abutments. The result is a set of dentures that are stable, functional, and closely resemble natural teeth.

Benefits of Implant-Retained Dentures:

  • Enhanced Stability and Comfort:

Implant-retained dentures are a lot more stable and sturdy when compared to regular or traditional dentures.  The secure attachment to dental implants eliminates concerns about slipping or shifting, providing wearers with confidence and comfort during everyday activities.

  • Improved Chewing Efficiency:

The firm anchorage provided by dental implants allows for improved chewing efficiency. Individuals with implanted dentures can enjoy a more varied diet, including tougher and chewier foods, without the limitations often associated with traditional dentures.

  • Preservation of Jawbone Density:

Dental implants stimulate the jawbone, promoting bone density and preventing the bone loss commonly observed with tooth loss. This preservation of jawbone density contributes to long-term oral health and facial integrity.

  • Natural Look and Feel:

Implant-retained dentures closely mimic the appearance and function of natural teeth. The stability and secure fit give wearers the confidence to smile, speak, and engage in social activities without the worry of denture movement.

Considerations for Implant-Retained Dentures:

1. Cost:

While offering numerous benefits, implanted dentures come with a higher initial cost than traditional options. Costs in Australia vary based on factors such as the number of implants, denture type, and case complexity. You can always check the market and find affordable implants and dentures, but consult a professional only. 

2. Dental Professional Expertise:

The success of implant-retained dentures is highly dependent on the expertise of the dental professional overseeing the treatment. Patients are advised to seek out qualified and experienced implant dentists or prosthodontists to ensure a thorough and successful implantation process.

3. Oral Hygiene and Maintenance:

Maintaining optimal oral hygiene is crucial for the longevity of implant-retained dentures. Regular dental check-ups, cleanings, and proper at-home care are essential to prevent issues like gum inflammation or implant-related complications.


Implant-retained dentures represent a cutting-edge solution for individuals seeking a stable and natural-feeling option for tooth replacement. The meticulous process involved, coupled with the numerous benefits, makes this approach a viable choice for those wanting to restore their smiles and oral function. As the field of dentistry continues to advance, implant-retained dentures stand as a testament to the commitment to incorporating innovative and effective solutions for maintaining optimal oral health and well-being.While implant-retained dentures offer numerous advantages, it’s important to note that the process involves surgery and may not be suitable for everyone. The candidacy for this type of dental restoration depends on factors such as overall health, jawbone density, and oral hygiene. A consultation with a dentist or oral surgeon is necessary to determine whether implant-retained dentures are a suitable option for an individual’s specific needs.

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