The Different Types of Denture Repairs We Offer

The Different Types of Denture Repairs We Offer

In case you got your denture damaged by regular use or they don’t fit well, it is important to have them repaired as early as possible. It prevents them from worsening and avoids any chances of further harm. Very luckily, we can usually get these dentures fixed in little time. Repairing your dentures makes them last longer and gives you a bright smile. In this blog, we are aiming to help you understand the denture repair option we offer and will guide you to choose the right repair method based on your needs, thus allowing you to maintain your type of dentures in good condition and enjoy your smile!

When do I Need Denture Repair? 

Dentures are subject to the weaknesses and can break or succumb to other complications. Being dropped or biting something hard with the teeth are some of the common ones. However, there are other instances when they can become worn out due to repeated use or don’t fit accurately from the moment they are first bought. It is also reported that problems such as an infection or mouth ulcers may arise if the denture doesn’t fit properly or is worn down. Below are some pointers on when you might need denture repair

  • Cracks or Breaks 
  • Loose Fit 
  • Difficulty Chewing or Speaking 
  • Missing Teeth 
  • Gum Irritation or Sores
  • Visible Wear and Tear 
  • Changes in Appearance

Types of Denture Repair We Offer

Even though dentures aren’t meant to stay forever, they last anywhere around 5 to 10 years. But in that time, you’ll probably need some kind of repairs along the way. Here, we have listed the common denture repair types.

  • Denture Reline

Denture reline exists as one of the ways of remedying a denture problem. When you lose natural teeth, your jawbone changes shape over time. This makes dentures less stable and can cause them to move around. Doing the denture reline is among the solutions to solve this problem. It is a procedure where the dentist adds material to the part of the denture in contact with the gums. They do cleaning and adjustments on them to match the dentures into the new shape of your mouth. Some are given tips to go for a reline every 3-5 years to keep your dentures fitting well. 3 different types of denture relines available are: 

  • Hard reline – This reshapes the acrylic lining to improve fit and can last for a few years. 
  • Soft reline – It uses flexible materials like wax or rubber gums for comfort but these might need replacing more often. 
  • Temporary reline – Involves short-term fix using a special medicated conditioner to soothe sore gums generally caused by neglected denture care. 
  • Denture Rebase

A denture rebase is a special type of denture repair when the teeth are alright but the base involving the bottom part is broken, weak, or doesn’t fit well. In this process, the dentist swaps out all the old base material and connects the teeth to the new base. However, they generally do not recommend this for types of partial dentures.

  • Denture Adjustment

A denture adjustment involves making the changes to the acrylic material of the dentures to make them fit in your mouth. Without this significant adjustment, you might encounter: 

  • Trouble chewing 
  • Getting sore spots 
  • Feeling your dentures moving while you speak or chew 

This is a simple process that dentists can do in their offices without sending your dentures back to a dental lab for extensive work.

  • Denture Replacement

If your dentures are damaged beyond repair or no longer suit you, then you have to decide on getting the new ones. Denture replacement is like getting your initial set of dentures that would cater to your new needs.

What is the Cost of Denture Repair?

The typical average range for the cost of denture repairs falls between $100 and $200 in Australia. They are based on pointers such as: 

  • Severity of the damage to your dentures 
  • Type of dentures you have 
  • Dental clinic you visit 
  • Dental laboratory involved

How Would We Repair Your Denture?

To begin with, we appraise the overall damage to come up with a plan for repairing. The work can be diverse and include the replacement of any teeth, fixing breakage or modifying the teeth to the proper dimensions. This is done using metal, plastic or resin. We repair the denture, after which we find out whether it fits in your mouth through adjustments. Subsequently, we put the finishing touches and finally clean the dentures to make them convenient. 

How long does a denture last?

The duration for a set of dentures to last is around 7 to 10 years. As they are meant for long-term use, it is usually advisable to replace them once they reach this average lifespan. Dentures come in a lot of different types, and while most are  removable in nature, some would be more suitable for your lifestyle than the others. 

We can guide you through the different denture options that are available and help in  choosing the type that will fit your needs.


Repairing your dentures doesn’t have to be tough or expensive. You can try simple fixes by yourself or get help from our experts at Quick Denture Repair. Being armed with the befitting information and tools certainly makes it possible for you to revamp your denture and be able to perform regular chewing activities again without any difficulty. No matter what’s wrong, there’s probably a way to fix it. Don’t let broken dentures hold you back!

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